Tron Legacy Soundtrack

Been a while ladies and gents, but I've had a bee in my bonnet about a particular subject, ever since I saw the trailer for it over 6 months ago. 
In that time it's been at the cinema, been released onto DVD and even had a remix album made. 
Daft Punk were chosen by Disney to produce a soundtrack for a film that lets be honest doesn't have the greatest of story lines. The original I'll admit I've never seen, but I get the feeling Tron Legacy although a continuation of the story with the same characters is a whole new experience and certainly one worth watching.
Disney didn't just let Daft Punk go crazy on this however, they monitored them and gave a very precise direction, along with added help from soundtrack big man Hans Zimmer.
The soundtrack was a must buy, and was one of those purchases that had to be in physical form. Getting a CD is a real treat for me these days.
I can listen to it over and over and it hasn't got boring yet. During the film the soundtrack features fully, which I really admire. Some scores are merely cut here and there into the actual film, but if you watch Tron Legacy you can re live each track and enjoy them as the film unfolds in front of you. 
The movie was also a 'proper' experience at the cinema, not just because of the 3D sections, but because with anticipation and the help of the subtle soundtrack, it smoothly leads you scene by scene. The end comes even before you've got to grips with how much of an experience it actually is.

Below are two tracks, the first from Daft Punks 'Alive' album. It feels like the original Tron film, it sounds like a basic and preliminary sound that isn't quite polished enough to pass onto a film score, but nevertheless still reminds me of the final product they produced for the movie.
The second is a snippet of a lovely track from MJ Cole. It doesn't have the same epic feel that Daft Punk communicated with the film score but you feel that they could've blended it well into Tron Legacy if they had wanted to.

Daft Punk-Too Long/Steam Machine (Alive 2007) by a boy named fr3sh

Manta [clip] by MJ Cole

Although the Reconfigured album has some excellent remixes on it (Moby, Glitch Mob, Boys Noize and Avicii are all stand out performers) it kind of takes away the raw genius of the soundtrack as a masterpiece, because Tron Legacy sounds just as good from the telly at home as it does in your headphones whilst on the move. 


Twenty Eleven

Alright girls and boys. It's a year later and my adventure into Gmail is now looking very old with a chosen address of 'bibstar2010'. What a plumpous fool.

Lets start with a gem of a choon. I played the original at the best NYE event in the whole of Bath @ Banglo. With a 9pm - 9am license, playing alongside Tom Maddicott and Graham S at Metripolis was only ever going to end in a severe hangover and a buggered body clock.
I can't remember how the original Boys Noize track 'Yeah' went down, but am hoping an opportunity arises for me to play this version... very soon... 
Boys Noize - Yeah (AC Slater Bootleg remix)
Thanks to pretty much every blog on the blogger-sphere for that one.

Hope everyone had a good Jesus born period and New Year.
Mister B 



Yeah so it's cold. Ice cold. Dangerous cold. So much so that walking in the road is safer than on a pavement in Bath. 

N*E*R*D came out with Hypnotise you a couple of months back (I heard it first on Annie Mac, which is another reason why I've stopped listening to her show - far too much rubbish and not enough decent music drug substance these days).
Lets just say I wasn't that impressed. Dubstep don Nero had a go at pimping it up, but his mix was more of a casual attempt rather than a right going over. Alex Metric however has given it a good going over - 
N*E*R*D - Hypnotise you (Alex Metric remix) 
thanks to Trashbags for that.

For those of you that like house music on an electro/uplifting disco tip, Wolfgang Gartner is currently ya man.
One banging track and one preview of a forthcoming banger for your ears, although I could be describing either to be honest.

Wolfgang Gartner - Space Junk (Preview) by DirtMcGirt

Wolfgang Gartner - Represent the Bronx by Mister Bibby

Thanks to GDD for heads up on Space Junk.

Have a blurry pre christmas girls and boys.

Mister B



Holy Jesus, it's been a while since I've posted, so straight to the musical madness.

So my Magnetic Man craze I think has passed...

Robyn I can give or take though, but A-Trak my ears get along with very well. Check out these two from the man himself.
Indestructible (A-Trak radio edit) by robyn

A-Trak - Ray Ban Vision by Mister Bibby

Before I head out these days, although Robyn and A-Trak tickle me, Dada Life usually please me more.
Chemical Jump are always knocking out juicy choons and this one ain't any different. 
Staygold- Video Kick Snare (Dada Life Remix)

I'm not sure if I totally missed this last track I'm gonna share with you barstard people, when the original came out ages ago, but apparently I did. Maybe I was too busy looking at porn and not my beatport shopping trolley...
Anyway, here it is.

Rusko - Hold On (Oliver Twizt) by Mister Bibby

Turns out it's not on Beatport... good times!

Mister B



It's just about half time for me during freshers week. 5 nights down and 4 more to go. 
So to help your ears and my head survive what is undoubtedly a tough time for us both, I'll quickly share some choons the interweb has drawn my attention to recently.

Wolfgang Gartner - Illamerica (preview) (click for download link)
Gotta Dance Dirty provide the musical pleasure here. It's absolutely quality although definitely not 320k. When this gets released I'm buying it, no doubt. Highly energetic it doesn't take long to get going does it?! Even the drops are strong, giving that overall feel of a banger. Wonderful.

This video from the guys over at Squeegie is rather tasty too.

Soundcloud is wonderfully good fun and nicely social as well. Jimi Needles has been tickling me with some cool cuts recently, heres an older remix of his. It's proper infectious. 

Dizzee Rascal vs Dizzy Gillespie ft. KRS ONE - Dizzy Sirens (Jimi Needles' Big Band Cocktail) by Jimi Needles


Eerie is a great word

Jakwob has always been so good at the atmospheric Dubstep that I love, oh so very much.
This track is sublime in the way it controls your tapping fingers, stomping foot and/or swaying head, which by the way kick off straight away.
It kinda wobbles professionally from eerie voices and instruments to electronic beeps in a way that not many other dubstep producers do.
At Glastonbury Jakwob really hit the hard and deeper dubstep as obviously the crowds were there for that and not any remixes they had already heard a hundred times. But its this kinda track that gets me and Jakwob does it so well. Can I call it funky soulful classical dubstep please?!

Jakwob - Here With Me - Offical Video from James Jacob on Vimeo.

From start to finish, this next track will always have 100% of my attention.
McMess over at The Smoothest Gooch kindly shared some new remixes of an already super mixed track and arguably Skream's first remix of 'In for the Kill' by La Roux, allowed the masses to indulge in a bit of dubstepping. Many moons later and some more mixes are out. Danger's Ocean Remix (click to download) is slow but by no means does it lack punch. Like a lesson in French electronic house and sublime vocals, it also reminds me greatly of something older, which I can't put my finger on. Pure gold.

Tensnake - Coma Cat (Treasure Fingers Remix) by Mister Bibby

I shall reduce my wordage for the above track.
I played it twice the other night at the Earl of Manvers because I couldn't bare having three hours of my life inbetween listening to this.
I hope you'll feel the same.



So just a quick one before I head out on the tiles.
Hope you all enjoyed Manila Killa's choons and the quick words they had on the blog?

DJ Fresh, in my mind is commercial Drum and Bass, as I know who he is and what he does! 
So to kick off this quickie post, here is a new track from him that really sucks you in with its quick and bouncy beginning, pulls you through the bush, spits in your face, and then sings nicely to you.
Standard stuff but its good, can just hear it blowing a speaker or two in XL...

DJ Fresh - Factory by Mister Bibby

The second choon I wanna share with you is one I'm listening with intrigue to, over and over and is suprisingly (I'm not keen on mash ups) a mash up I can't wait to play out. 
The beginning and end of the song will be familiar and even a bit boring to you, but it's the middle that I like. Kind of the opposite of reading a book, or what is true about a jam and peanut butter sandwich.
SHM vs Daft Punk – ONE More Time (Ilyass E. Edit)
Thanks to everyone at Earmilk for shedding some light on it.
I'll make sure I keep track of IIyass too...

Thats it for now... 


Manila Killa

Been listening to Chris Lake's Essential Mix and it has been pretty standard so far. Nothing crazily good I mean, just a 'does what it says on the tin' kinda feel, but hey, its only Chris Lake so what do I expect?!

Anyway you flippin puppies, I mentioned in the previous post that i'd contacted Manila Killa after also posting one of there choons on here, and those fine fellows got back to me sharpish.

So the q&a goes something like this...

Put a Bibeat on it said

I'm from England, you're from the US. What would you perceive as the biggest difference in their perspective 'dance music' scenes?

Manila Killa

I actually just moved back to the motherland, Manila, Philippines recently, to finish up my last year in high school! It's been a great experience so far, as I get to enjoy the horrors of their academic IB program! Back on point - I think the main difference between the two dance music scenes in the US and the UK is the conservative level of the music. The United States are fairly new to the scene, and are therefore experimenting with their sound. But soon the United States will have its place in dance music. Unfortunately, I could be wrong (I am only 17) and I haven't experienced as much as I wanted to. The only show I've been to was to watch Deadmau5 perform for Washington D.C. back in November. It took place near a rundown neighborhood, but soon it will be that America will appreciate dance music as much as the UK does, to the point where everyone can conveniently enjoy it.

Who is the real Manila Killa?

The REAL Manila Killa is me, who is responding to this message (Chris Gavino). In the past year I worked with my close cousin in the States. He helped a lot with the ideas, and I mainly worked on the productions of the songs. And since I am also back in Manila, I am able to work with my close Indian friend, who has no musical experience, but whom I'm sure can share a lot of curry for our late night studio sessions! Music is just a hobby for now, but I hope it can develop into something more.

Which of your featured Soundcloud creations/mixes/mash ups took the longest/really got on your ball sacking nerves and why?

The featured Soundcloud song that I think took the longest was my recent remix of The Glitch Mob's "Drive It Like You Stole It" featuring a rapper and friend who I've known since the 6th grade. Marionik is his name, and he will be doing big things in the future (He's only entering his 2nd year in high school!). The reason why it took the longest is because it was catered for another person to do vocals over, and this was the first time I had ever collaborated, so I wanted it to be perfect.

Manila Killa

Many thanks to Manila Killa for his input and quick response. I wonder if Deadmau5 will answer some questions? Rusko? Hospital?


Ronson, Manila Killa and Stanton Warriors

It's been a genuinely long time since I've posted some music to the world, slash 2 ppl (Hi Dad). 
So on this very rainy afternoon before dinner I will rectify this situation with three songs.

The first is by a duo known as Manilla Killa. This track is one their first creations and it's epic but on a subtle scale. It doesn't blow your mind, but it takes you on a journey and this makes it listenable x200. Hopefully I'll have a quick Q&A and some more musical goodness from them soon, but for now listen to this, a lot.

In Still Time (Drafttt) by Manila Killa

The second track this evening is about a year late for the masses of zombies wandering through chart land.
I would however, go so far as to say that this remix by Stanton Warriors is better than the original. Big beats and breakdowns match the Dnb original by Sub Focus, but add longevity to it I feel. See what you think.

SubFocus - RockIt (Stanton Warriors Edit) by Stanton Warriors

Last and by no means least is newer track given a going over by U-Tern.
The original I will not shy from shy away from saying is irritable like that hair in your beer you can't bloody get at cause you've had 7 already. You end up drinking it or pouring beer down you trying to avoid it.
My good friend McMess of SmoothestGooch fame, suggests that Russ Chimes' attempted remix is better, but U-Tern just hits the Nu Disco smooth but bouncing vibe for me.

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern's Disco Dub) by U-Tern

If you're in Bath tonight, Central Bar is the place to be. Jeremy Guscott was there last week so I can promise he won't be there this week.

GDD and a bit of Dirt

Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm very proud to present a 'Put a Bibeat on it'/'Gotta Dance Dirty' special. 11 lovely tracks that will fill your hearts with warmth.
GDD is a quality blog so have no fear when tickling those buttons and downloading choonage.
I haven't even heard all the tracks just yet so enjoy them even before I do...

"The dirt is our weekly wrapup of our favorites for this week, ready to burn to CD and accompany you on your (very imminent) weekend voyages into unseen new dimensions of party. We give you a blend of the big tunes we're digging and playing out as well as a few secret weapons and classics we've dug out of the exclusive GDD stash for you, zipped for your convenience. Our way of saying thanks for being with us this week and our very best to your weekend. The Dirt is available for you to repost to your blog, website or publication and is currently being guestposted on a number of other publications including".

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